10 Things Millionaires Focus Their Energy On

Millionaires focus their energy on


Steve Siebold, CSP, trains sales and sales management teams how to increase sales, develop people and manage change through Mental Toughness Training. He is also an author on several books, one being How Rich People Think. Siebold believes that if one follows the beliefs and strategies of the rich and takes action, then they too have a shot at wealth. He interviewed over 1,200 of the wealthiest people in the last 34 years and discovered that money isn’t so much on the minds of the rich – their success is driven more by their mindset and attitude. Siebold narrowed it down to 10 things that rich people put their energy on to lead them to success.


  1. They are visionaries. Being a visionary involves planning the future with wisdom and this direction helps them stay focused on where their going, eliminating procrastination and hesitation.
  2. They compartmentalise their emotions. Negative emotions always come up, even for those that have it all. The key is to control these emotions by placing them in psychological compartments to block them out temporarily allowing you to focus on the core of what’s happening in the present moment.
  3. They simplify everything. Living a simple life allows you to focus on what is most important. Avoid complexity as it just leads to more problems and confusion. Decide what you want and go for it without the distraction of the unnecessary.
  4. They associate with winners. There are winners and there are wanna-bes. Associate with the winners as they will spread positivity, motivation, and teach you a few things about success.
  5. They develop courage. Successful people are risk taskers. It’s normal to be scared, but courageous is not letting fear get in your way.
  6. They become learning machines. Never stop learning, discovering, and growing.
  7. They are at peace with themselves. You must love yourself and be your best friend – this will help you trust your actions & give you the power to handle whatever comes your way.
  8. They focus on results. Winning is getting what you want so keep your eye on the prize.
  9. They are congruent. Always do what you say you are going to do. In short, make it happen.
  10. They are curious. The more curious you are, the more you will learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – other people can guide you to success.