3 Brilliant Ways to Be a Leader Your Employees Will Respect

Many leaders struggle to be respected by their employees. Often, staff will see their managers as someone whose words they have to respect merely because they hold a position higher than theirs and for not much else.  

However, how can leaders be a personality that their employees truly respect without overstepping the line of being too friendly? Let’s see. 

1. Be open to new ideas.

The worst ideas are the ones left unsaid. If everyone has the opportunity to come to you and speak their ideas without judgement, then your staff are more likely to feel valued and included.

Of course, it’s not the point that everyone’s going to have a good idea. However, it is the point that everyone feels like they’re working together, and how often can a seemingly bad idea spark a really good one?

2. Give employees constructive feedback and positive reinforcement.

Brendon Burchard once said, “Consistency in receiving feedback is the hallmark of consistent growth.” 

Of course, many leaders have no problem telling employees when they don’t like something, but will rarely explain exactly why. This can leave employees feeling directionless and anxious. Instead, constructive feedback focuses on giving employees tangible takeaways, and positive reinforcement.

For example, when a piece of work isn’t at the level you expected, tell them what was good, but also make it clear what needs to be done to bring it up to standard. 

3. Provide transparent communication.

Transparent communication is the act of having communication that’s open, sincere and direct. When done effectively, transparent communication is a key pillar of inclusive leadership and a healthy workplace. 

In a position of power, your words can make or break your relationships with others. So, use dialogue that keeps empathy at the top of mind.