3 Impactful New Year’s Resolutions For Leaders In 2022

It’s that time of year again when people take a minute to reflect and think about who they want to be in the new year. If you’re thinking about how you want to show up even better for your organization and employees this year, consider these three resolutions:

1. Show people you care.

As the world and our work lives continue to change, employees will often look to their leaders for support and a sense of direction. So in 2022, ensure you are leading with empathy, kindness and compassion. Ask what you can do for people, be accessible, flexible, and present. Showing people support in a time when they likely need it, can go a long way in improving employee trust, motivation and retention.

2. Learn something everyday.

Lead by example and get on the train towards continuous learning. Be humble; even if you’ve had success in the past, acknowledge that if you want to continue progressing and evolving, you’ll need to actively be learning in life. Learning can come from traditional resources like videos or books, but also from asking more questions, receiving feedback and facing your fears. 

3. Take steps to embrace change.

As a leader, welcoming change can be a catalyst for an organization’s continuous improvement. Embracing change means not just reacting to it, but also realizing that change will happen and taking actions to always be one or two steps ahead. Start by having a clear future vision, demonstrating a personal commitment to the change and communicating your intent.