3 Reasons Why Leaders Fail

In today’s volatile world, the pressure to perform as a leader has never been greater. Some rise to the occasion while others flounder. So, what causes leaders to fail, and what can we do about it? 

1. They lack self-leadership qualities.

People who can’t properly lead themselves shouldn’t be leading a team. But too often, people who are lackluster in self-awareness, motivation and accountability end up in leadership roles. These leaders then show up grumpy and uninspired to their jobs.

Great leaders, on the other hand, should set an example and lead themselves to the highest standard so that the level of expectation is clear and desirable.  

2. Confidence turns into arrogance.

When leaders are promoted or hired, it’s usually because they have some sort of confidence or charisma to their personality. However, these sorts of traits can quickly backfire. 

Overconfident leaders can begin to overestimate their abilities and make reckless decisions without any accountability for those decisions. These sorts of leaders have forgotten they’re there to serve others. They think they know it all and stop listening.

However, if leaders want to gain trust, respect and credibility, they should never stop listening, asking questions and giving credit to their team.

3. They can’t build a team.

Many leaders simply have employees and not a team. They have people that do their jobs but don’t necessarily feel like they’re part of something where they’re working towards a greater mission. 

To build the bridge between having staff and having a strong team, leaders must build a culture. They must provide a clear vision and strategy, then create goals that align every individual with the plan. They must hire the right people, fire the right people, hold them accountable, understand them and develop them.