4 Clever Ways to Get More Work Done in Less Time

If you’re of tired of working long hours, being exhausted and still feeling like you’re not really achieving a lot, try these 4 ideas: 

1. Plan Your Day the Night Before

Motivational Speaker Jim Rohn has a brilliant quote that says: “Never begin the day until it’s finished on paper.”

When you’re trying to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible, the last thing you want is to be spending your working time trying to decide what to do.

So, taking 5 minutes each night to plan what needs to be done the following day can be a powerful way to get organised and remove willpower, decision fatigue and procrastination from your life.

2. Exercise in the Morning

Exercising in the morning is a great way to wake up your body and mind. A 2019 study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that exercising in the morning could improve cognitive function, working memory, visual learning, and other key brain functions.

Therefore, getting your body moving in the morning before getting to work is a great way to prime yourself for productivity. It doesn’t have to be much. Maybe a walk around the block, a jug up some stairs or simple bodyweight exercises.

3. Put the Big Rocks in First  

One key to getting more work done in less time is working with your energy. While doing the easy task first can seem like a good way to build momentum and tick a few things off, research has actually found that working in this way can create a false sense of progress. 

Instead of trying to simply shorten your to-do list, try to remove the most important task and then work your way down.  

4. Outsource and delegate

When planning your day, keep in mind that what needs to be done doesn’t necessarily need to be done by you. 

Sometimes you can spend hours on a task that could’ve been done by a team member in half the time. If you free up your plate with less busy work, you’ll be able to focus on what’s most important and get it done in less time.