5 Details to Include in a Job Ad

Writing a job ad is fairly simple, but you can easily attract the wrong people if it isn’t written correctly. Candidates are pickier these days with so many options available to them that they factor in everything from location to perks. 

The following are key details you shouldn’t leave out on your job ad and why.


Seek ran survey and 84% of candidates ranked salary as one of the most important factors when deciding if a position is worth going for. Many also filter their search by salary range because they just don’t want to waste their time. 

If you are hesitant to display a position’s salary, you can include a salary range and/or include other job perks if it isn’t competitive enough.

Job Description

This goes without saying, but the more detailed your job description is, the more you’ll attract the right candidates. Clarity is key and it will save a lot of time later when you find that person.


People value flexibility more than ever and rather work close to home so they can avoid long commute times. This is especially true for working mums. 


Just as important as salary, candidates especially millennials, are demanding perks such as flexi-time, working from home, extra annual leave, a gym membership, and so on. This is making the job force very competitive so you’ll need to stand out to attract those who are highly skilled.

Type of Work

Back to Seek’s survey, 84% rated ‘type of work’ whether it be full time or part time, as a high priority when analysing a role. Many people, especially women, are seeking a healthy work/life balance so they can focus on their children or their extracurricular activities.

At the end of the day, adding these details (and more) in your job ad will save you a lot of time as there will be less questions later on. Be transparent and open with all of your candidates.