5 Great Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do Under Stress

Emotionally intelligent people are a pleasure to work with and they bring light to a team, culture, and environment. They are the strong minded that react positively to the negativity.

After our last post, Are You Emotionally Intelligent? you may have been able to rate your EQ, but actions speak louder. How you handle your work while under stress, says a lot about your emotional intelligence. Those with a high EQ feel stress just as bad as anyone else, the difference is that they are so self aware that they can battle through with ease. Here are some great things emotionally intelligent people do under pressure.


Respond instead of react.

It’s so easy to snap and reveal your stress or disappointment, but that doesn’t solve anything. Those with a high EQ are able to keep their cool and carry on – they always respond calmly and professionally.

Stay authentic.

Rather than hide their emotions, these people wear their emotions on their sleeve. They refuse to be anyone apart from their genuine self.

Think before acting or speaking.

No surprise here – high EQers know to pause and think to avoid saying or doing the wrong thing. This doesn’t mean they always do the right thing, they just allow themselves at least six seconds to calm down so that their words and actions are rational.

Look at the big picture.

By being self-aware and empathetic, they are able to see all sides and feel all feelings on an issue, which usually always results in a better outcome.

Practice self-control.

The more you practice self-control, the more you will be present, productive, and focused. You’ll even be able to cut the drama! As Daniel Goleman quoted, “Emotional self-control– delaying gratification and stifling impulsiveness- underlies accomplishment of every sort.”