5 Lesser-Known Things You Can Be Fired For

Most of us know the behaviors we should avoid at work. But there are also some lesser-known activities that can lead to a dismissal. This article discusses five of them. 

Lying On the Job Application

Most people think it’s harmless to exaggerate their skills on a job application and 41% of people report on doing it, but this little bit of dishonesty can actually get you fired.

If you’re lying about something that’s critical to the role and it later comes to light, then you could be shown the door rather quickly. 

Failing to Comply with the Organisation’s Policies

Breaking the company rules such as social media policies is another way to find yourself being shown the door. 

Writing anything about your employer or co-workers on social media is risky business, and shouldn’t be the means you use to vent or solve work-related problems.  

Using Insulting Language

Using a few bad words here and there probably isn’t going to get you fired but it’s the context and where it’s directed that’s the major difference-maker. 

If you use language that’s arrogant of other people’s feelings or makes the business look bad, then that could lead to the dismissal of even the best worker.

Divulging Private Information About the Business

Private information is usually named that for a reason. Employees can easily be fired for divulging information that’s vital for the organisation’s success, as it raises major issues around the going concern of the business.  

Receiving Gifts

It seems irrational, but if there’s a clear policy prohibiting employees from receiving gifts and you’ve been trained on it, then it can easily be used as a reason for dismissal.

If you receive gifts on the job, your first point of contact should be your human resources representative.