5 Truths About Great Leadership

Great leaders always leave an impression – they make you feel just as great. Leadership is not a matter of IQ and leading with the brain, but more of EQ and leading with the heart. 

It’s not something that comes naturally for many leaders and they struggle to make the switch from brain to heart.

Great leadership is simple and if one follows the following truths, they will be on their way to being a successful leader that people look up to and aspire to become. 

Focus on your peers rather than solely yourself 

Leadership is about being selfless and being of service to others. Your goal is to influence and improve an employee’s life in the workplace. While you should maintain your own job satisfaction, don’t forget about the others.

Genuinely care for those you lead

The best leaders have a great deal of empathy towards their followers – they care about their well being. If your employees feel valued and cared for, they will be in their best state of mind ultimately producing the best results. Always remember to show appreciation and offer support.

Embrace your faults & mistakes

Drop your ego! No matter your status or intelligence, you will also make mistakes. Own up to them and embrace them as lessons learned. Great leaders don’t put themselves on a pedestal, they feel and act as equals to their followers.

Communicate properly

Communication is key! Rather than just talking, speak in a way that inspires, empowers, and allows others to feel heard. And remember, it’s important to develop strong bonds with your peers so communicate on all topics, not just work related.

Be honest & humble

As mentioned already, great leaders do not have big egos – they are humble about their success & always stay true to who they are. Great leaders wear their integrity on their sleeve.

Are you ready to be the best leader you can be? At the end of the day, it’s all about inspiring, empowering, and caring for others.