6 Things to Say to Give Praise to a Colleague

When someone in your organisation does a good job, it should be acknowledged with a little praise and appreciation. Saying ‘good job’ doesn’t really count though – it’s something, but will it motivate the acknowledged person to continue doing a good job or will it help them develop professionally? Probably not. When acknowledging a colleague, make it memorable with the following lines that will boost their spirit and confidence…

That was great! How did you come up with that idea? OR Where did you get your inspiration?

By asking a question, you show more than just appreciation and praise – you show   interest and care. This will open the dialogue and allow the good worker to talk about themselves. Positive vibes all around.

I really enjoyed the part about x! 

By specifying what you liked best about someone’s project or presentation can help that person in the future. They will appreciate the positive feedback.

How long did that take you to finish? That was excellent!

Again, questions open up so much more. By asking how long something took lets the person know their hard work was noticed and it for sure will make them feel good.

I loved your work so much that I had to share it. 

Whether it be a blog post or a design, sharing the work of others is so easy thanks to social media. This can also apply to other forms of work and can be shared amongst teams for inspiration.

You were so prepared for that! 

Another comment that lets the person know their hard work was visible. Preparation is key to nailing a presentation.

I would like to thank x for their hard work. 

If you can publicly praise someone be it by email or at a meeting, do it! This is an excellent way to show appreciation, better than any ‘good job’ in private.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo the praise, as if overdone it can backfire with employees egos becoming overinflated. A lot of managers have made the mistake of being too forthcoming with praise and ending up with team members who overate their contributions and value. Praise is a fine line that good managers walk skilfully.