Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Ask Themselves These 4 Questions Daily

Leaders who are emotionally intelligent are more self aware and aware of the needs of those they serve. This results in a more motivated, happier and satisfied workforce. Although to constantly improve, leaders high in emotional intelligence are asking themselves these 4 questions daily:

Did I recognize my people when they went above and beyond?

Leaders with high emotional intelligence are constantly looking for opportunities to show recognition to their people when they do something well. Rather than merely showing a blanket appreciation for their team, they spend the time and effort to get to know the roles of their staff in order to truly spot and recognize those who are excelling.

Am I listening and understanding well enough?

Leaders with high emotional intelligence are not only able to clearly get their messages and ideas across, but they also recognize the importance of being an effective listener too. This helps them understand their employees and address their concerns and challenges. 

Did I empower my team enough?

Emotionally intelligent leaders carefully walk the fine line between giving their team enough freedom and stepping in before things start taking a turn for the worse. They regularly ask themselves if they are being a facilitator to their people’s growth or if they are holding them back by limiting their freedom.  

Am I supporting my people in achieving their goals?

Emotionally intelligent leaders spend the time getting to know their employees’ individual career goals and desires. They want to ensure that their current roles are satisfying, and that they’re supporting them in reaching the next level of their journey.