Four Tips to Writing a Job Ad

Writing a job ad isn’t as simple as you think – it requires a marketing flair to attract the right people. A job description won’t cut it as you need to stand out amongst other adverts especially in a competitive market. Before you sit down to write, figure out who your ideal candidate or target audience is and then move on to think about their wants and desires. A job ad should be carefully crafted to your target audience to ensure you are capturing the best talent suited for your role.

While it should be unique, all ads should follow a similar format. Below are four tips to help you prepare an appealing job advert.

Clear & Catchy Job Title

To ensure you come up in the search results, the job title should be clear with key words. Avoid fancy titles that no one has ever heard of, but do add a catchy word or two to compel searchers.

Detailed Summary

Most job listing sites display a job summary on the search page so you want to make sure this summary has specific, relevant, and attractive information. Give searchers everything they need to know including job perks (these matter just as much as salary nowadays) and challenges (to attract those with a strong drive & ambition). Don’t waste time exaggerating as this will likely put people off.

Transparent Salary

While salary might be dependant on the successful candidate’s experience, it will save you time and energy being honest & upfront about your salary budget expectations – you can cut out the negotiations and won’t waste time on candidates that demand more. Most job listing sites will allow you to put in a salary range, which will give you some flexibility.

Brief Company Bio

Include a descriptive bio on the company, but keep it short and sweet so the reader has more connection to the available job role, not just the company. The company should be a bonus, not the winning prize.