How and Why to Build Good Work Relationships

Your work relationships can make or break your work experience and success. A negative relationship with a colleague can put your productivity to a halt and make you lose sight of the big picture – it can simply damage your career. While it is not easy to get along with everyone, especially those with strong egotistical personalities – you’ll be more engaged and enjoy work more if you think and act positively to other colleagues. To get a better idea, just imagine a workplace with you and your closest mates. Sounds fun, right?

The Gallup organisation’s research has proved that there is a link between having a close friend at work and the amount of effort they put into their job. One study concluded that 63% of women strongly agree that having a close friend at work makes them more engaged. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to work with their bestie so the key is to simply get along with everyone. Suck up your pride, put a smile on, and watch the magic unfold – it’s amazing what a positive mind and using the following techniques will do…

Make small gestures

Actions speak louder than words and the smallest of gestures can make a world of difference. From offering coffee to offering help on a project, the more kind deeds you do, the more trust you will gain. Find little ways to show your appreciation and to show that you care. You’ll be surprised at how much a person will open up once they feel good from a relationship.

Give credit

If you can help someone find their greatness, both you and your organisation will benefit as their confidence grows. Never stop complimenting and giving credit when it is deserved – you are all one team afterall.

Show respect

Talking down to a colleague or showing anger and/or aggression does nothing good as it only escalates to more problems. Always show respect to your peers, and they will respect you back.

The best way to tackle your work relationships is to treat your colleagues how you want to be treated and to look at everyone as a friend to help be a friend. Work will become brighter and the team will be more successful in a familial environment.