How the Most Effective Leaders Avoid Doing Everyone Else’s Job

Leaders become more effective when they stop running around trying to carry other people’s load and simply focus on doing their job well. Although well-intentioned, reclaiming your time will give you more energy and make you a better leader. 

Here are some of the mindsets and strategies that the most effective leaders use to avoid doing everyone else’s job. 

They know how to say no.

People are often afraid to say no in the workplace as they’re worried they’ll be perceived as negative or not a team player. However everyone, including leaders, need to have the ability and freedom to say no.

They know how to delegate.

The best leaders don’t feel the need to control everything around them. Instead, they know they just need to handle their key responsibilities. If you want to do great things and make a big impact; learn to delegate.

They know how to set boundaries.

Effective leaders set healthy boundaries and roles with their team. This doesn’t mean they’re not around when they’re really needed, but they know that the best use of their time is being a strategic leader and not getting pulled off in too many directions.

They know their limits.

Great leaders don’t try to take on more than they can effectively handle. They know their limits and don’t overreach, which also demonstrates to their team how to maintain a healthy balance of responsibility.

They know they don’t have to fix everything.

Some leaders think their job is to solve everyone’s problems, but that’s not helpful —  nor possible. The best leaders leverage other people’s problems as tools to empower them. Listen to their problems but also show them that they have the ability to come up with their own solutions.