How to Build a Sales System for Your Business


Sales System
Sales System

A lot of businesses underestimate the importance of their sales processes. A strong Sales System is just as important as a good marketing system. If you’ve created a great marketing system that generates a consistent stream of well qualified prospective customers, that’s great. But its useless if you can’t convert those qualified prospects into sales.

Without an effective Sales System the time and resources you’re putting into your marketing are going to waste.

With that in mind, I’ve started this series on How to Build a Sales System for your business.

In this first part I’ll introduce the basic parts of the sales process that you’ll need to consider. It’s worth noting here that in this series I’m focusing on complex sales, the type of sales that have a long lead time. These are common in some professional services industries, when selling to corporate organisations, and when selling high value goods such as plant and machinery.

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It’s worth knowing that these elements will still apply in shorter, simpler sales processes such as fast food or retail but they apply in a different way and need to be dealt with separately. So for now we’ll focus in the elements of the complex sales process.

There are 8-9 key elements to any sales process, they are:

  • Prospecting (this one is a variable depending on how your marketing system is structured and your business model)
  • Introduction
  • Fact Finding
  • Product Knowledge
  • Features & Benefits
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Problem Solving
  • Objections
  • Closing

Each one of these elements needs to be considered when putting together your businesses Sales System. In upcoming posts I’ll go into detail on some of the considerations you should make in building each part of your own Sales System.

As always if you’d like personalised advice on how to go about building your Sales System feel free to get in contact with us by email or phone (Australia:  +61) 1300 794 838