How to Manage Staff Part 7 – Following Through

It’s one thing to start a process, and another to stick with it. The most critical factor for success in your overarching staff management structure is to ensure you are following through and systemise every key aspect of your staff management system.Follow Through

Each of the 7 key elements of the system must be complete, maintained, updated and adhered to for the long term, if you’re going to get any worthwhile results from it.

While the prospect of implementing it all might seem a little daunting, it is hugely worthwhile, and if you think about it, the effort and energy you’re having to put into your business to manage it without an effective performance management system is much more stressful and draining than what you’ll experience once your system is in place.

Not following through is a credibility killer. I’ve met dozens of business owners who jump at the latest ‘bright shinny objects’ then start implementing them into their businesses only to find everything too hard or to get distracted by the next shinny object that comes along. Typically these businesses never do very well. Their staff members become demoralised by their leaders’ perceived lack of stability, and ultimately they become numb to the constant barrage of new initiatives that are ultimately abandoned.

Good business management is a bit like good investing. You do your research, buy in to the best possible solution, structure it correctly and let it do what it does. Too many managers look for excitement in the wrong places. The excitement and drama of constantly ‘putting out fires’ will not make you successful, wealthy or happy in the long term. However, having a well-structured business that works properly gives you the freedom, flexibility and resources to find new opportunities for expansion and development.

Learning to make good decisions and then following through to completion is one of the most powerful success habits you can develop.

It’s in yours, and your businesses best interest to ensure every element of your 7 stage performance management system is followed through correctly.

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