How to Resist Distractions at Work

Do you often feel like you haven’t gotten any work done after a full day at your desk? If your day involves various tasks, multiple phone checks, and just doing a lot of the wrong tasks – you’re probably struggling with distraction and reactivity. If you occasionally have to turn off your phone or your emails just to get work done then that confirms it! 

You’ll be glad to know that there isn’t anything wrong with you – it is not your fault with so much bombardment coming left, right, and centre with messages on Messenger, What’s App, Viber, iMessage, your personal email, and your business email. Oh and don’t forget all the outside world distractions as well, from shopping to sounds. 

Our brains are actually wired to follow the easy route – it prefers to avoid hard work hence why it allows us to react to any distraction that comes our way. There are ways to outsmart your brain and not give in to its laziness so you can actually get stuff done. 

Never lose sight of your goal

When you need to stay focused, keep your goal in mind as it will drive your motivation making the challenging stuff all worth the effort.

Avoid multitasking and focus on one thing at a time

One thing we think we can do, but neurologically we really can’t is multitasking – studies have proven this. Each time we switch between tasks, we actually lose a few minutes of our time to get back in the grove. It’s estimated that it will take up to 40% longer to complete one task if you are switching between a few. If you take your time and focus on one thing, you’ll actually get your work done faster …and the quality of your work will be better too!

Break down your goals

If your goal is quite big and almost daunting, break your tasks down and give yourself mini goals. You’ll feel a lot more productive when you can check things off your list rather than waiting to be 100% complete.


Turning off your devices does take time getting used to. Once you see how much more your can focus without them, disconnecting will be a whole lot easier.

Treat yourself

Either before you start your day or at the end of the day, treat yourself to something rewarding or stimulating. A jog in the morning may give you the energy you need to focus, while eating out at your favourite restaurant after work may give you the motivation to get things done. Either way you should never forget to care for yourself as a positive mind brings positive results.