Interview Tips for Hiring People Who Will Stick Around

The current hiring landscape reflects a rising employee turnover rate. However, hiring candidates that stick around and become top contributors for years is crucial to maintaining any growing company. So, let’s discuss some interview tips hiring managers can use to find people who will stick around. 

1. Forget The Résumé.

Remember that an interview is your chance to get to know who the candidate really is beyond the content of their résumé. So, don’t put too much emphasis on their résumé during the interview process. Instead, try to get to know the individual in a professional and genuine way. A good and simple question to ask is, “What would I not know about you from only looking at your résumé?”

2. Don’t Veto Candidates off The Bat. 

Most companies veto candidate’s off their past experience but if you’re looking for someone who will grow with your company, don’t overlook ambition, passion and intelligence. Each company is different, so no matter how much hard skill someone has coming into a role, it’ll be a learning experience at a new company. Find people who are ready to learn, have a positive attitude and are keen to make a difference. 

3. Consider a Person’s Long-term Potential. 

In the interview process it’s easy to get caught up in the specific role a candidate is applying for. Of course, it makes sense; it was in the job posting and why the person is at the interview. However, don’t just focus on a person’s short term goals. Instead, try probing questions about the skills they would like to learn and the greater ambitions they have for their career. Don’t forget that every hire is an investment and one you hope will last for many years.