Making Happiness a Priority at Work

With so much technology, it is easy to get lost in the basic human desires and needs that drive success in the workplace. Therefore, many organisations are investing in technological ways to connect their employees, but many are finding this to be a struggle because nothing connects people better than simple happiness. People all over the world regardless of industry are desiring happiness in the workplace hence why it should be made a priority within your business.

The3rdgear is a perfect example of putting happiness at the forefront as our system focuses on engaging staff. In any team environment, happiness arises from harmony, impact, and acknowledgement, all which our system simplifies and automates the outcomes of. Our management software platform makes outcomes in these areas automatic once it’s set up. Sports teams are also a great example of spreading happiness amongst teammates as each victory fuels and sparks more success.

According to a survey of over 500 employees across the globe in various industries & positions, AT Kearny discovered what motives & feelings drive happiness at work. As shown in the figure below, employees who reported feeling more joy at work strongly agreed with each statement much more frequently than did employees who said they feel less joy at work.     


Employees who believe their “company makes a positive societal contribution” and who feel “personally committed to achieving the company’s vision and strategy” experienced the most joy at work. Are you surprised though? The results of this survey made complete sense as it goes back to basic human needs. All business owners can get valuable use from these findings though. Business cultures must focus on creating harmony, building impact, and acknowledging each individual and their work.

Interestingly, AT Kearny found there is a massive joy gap at the moment. 90% of employees expect to feel happiness, but only 37% actually fulfilled. If you feel your organisation can improve at making happiness a priority, then you are probably right. Bring your team together and celebrate success!