Managing Staff – Part 1

Every time I bring a group of business owners together, within minutes they’re all talking about the same thing – Managing Staff!

In surveys around the world managing staff is the number one issue for small business owners who employ people. So why is it so difficult?

That’s a really big question with too many answers to list, and in fact it’s the WRONG QUESTION.

This is why so many managers have issues with managing staff. They get too caught up in the SYMPTOMS and can’t see the root cause of their problems.

Managing staff is actually really simple, if done correctly.

There’s a set of core systems you need to have in your business for staff management to be done effectively, and in this 8 part ‘How to’ series I’m going to share the basics of getting the best performance out of your team.

To start with, let’s identify the 7 basic elements of the staff performance equation:

  • Clear Roles
  • Clearly defined Deliverables
  • Measurement tools
  • Feedback
  • Regular Reviews
  • Follow Through
  • Training

Each one of these elements forms the foundation of your Staff Performance Management process.

By properly defining the 7 Staff Performance Elements for your business you create a platform with clear rules and guidelines for you and your staff to follow. If done well the excuses will begin to disappear, efficiency increases, your culture will improve noticeably, your stress levels will drop, your business will become more profitable, valuable and easier to manage.

In the following updates I’ll be sharing the basic principles of how to develop each of the 7 Staff Performance Elements for your business.

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