New Quality Management System Just for Small Businesses

QMS software for small business

Many small business owners would love to say their business has been formally accredited as a high performing, quality operation, and it’s fair to expect that Quality Management Systems should be an excellent tool to help your business improve efficiency and achieve quality objectives. Instead, they’ve developed a reputation for being overly complicated, burdensome and even a little intimidating. Implementing a QMS affects every aspect of a business’s performance, but it should be in a good way, and until now there haven’t been many alternatives available.

Currently the most acknowledged system is the ISO series (ISO 9001, 14001 etc…). In reality these systems are geared more towards large companies who have the infrastructure to deal with their complexity, but complex doesn’t usually translate to success, especially for small business. A major downside is that it requires too much administration, and in this case administration that can eat away at efficiency and hinder productivity and innovation – the innovation required to take your business to greater heights. With this complexity often comes distraction, frustration, and a loss of vision or direction – you should not lose sight of why your business is a business in the first place and where you want to take it.

Driven by this knowledge, and after years of research, development and testing The3rdgear has developed an innovative, practical and powerful QMS software for small business that not only drives quality, but intuitively focuses the business on the key elements of strong business performance. The3rdgear’s Quality & Performance Accreditation Systems (Q-PAS) enhances, rather than hinders daily business operations, while delivering high performance outcomes focused on generating revenue & increasing efficiencies. The biggest advantage to using this system is its ease. The platform provides an integrated management software system that ties together business planning, operational improvement, core processes, individual performance, individual training, internal communication and high level business reporting all in one platform that makes quality assurance and business performance easy to manage. In a unique first, it also automates most of the activities associated with maintaining compliance, eliminating the need for someone to ‘manage’ your accreditation system.

One of the other great dangers of the ISO 9001 approach is that often, more attention is spent on formalising current processes, when really effort should be spent on business performance improvement before formalisation. The3rdgear’s unique approach to operational performance improvement delivers these outcomes with simplicity, which is especially important for small businesses. A simple system allows you to focus on results & advancements rather than administration and micro-management. Investing in an easy and intuitive system for users to just log-in and ‘get to work’ will prove to be productive, beneficial, and valuable.

The3rdgears’ business performance improvement programs have proven to deliver consistent solidity of results and measurable success for well over a decade. Now, all clients who complete these programs successfully are able to obtain a Q-PAS Accreditation granted they meet all requirements. With this accreditation, your business will have a strong competitive advantage as you’ll be able to prove that your business consistently meets customer needs and expectations, while operating at optimal levels of efficiency and profitability. The Q-PAS system gives you strong marketing credibility with existing and potential customers, but also a management system that gives you unequalled control and ease of management, freeing you to do more of what’s really important.

There are of course many factors to consider when choosing the right system for you, but if you own a small business and your objective is to grow and increase profitability then The3rdgear’s Q-PAS should be considered when choosing QMS software for your small to medium sized business. Using the latest technology, this system offers a complete solution in a simple single unified system freeing business managers to focus on what is most important to their business goals.