One Study Discovered What Makes Employees Happier

One Study Discovered What Makes Employees Happier

Happier employees drive loyalty and success to your organisation so it’s vital to keep them smiling. There are many ways to make your employees happy, but one large study by four economic professors (three Canadian, one Korean) analysing 38,000 employed adults discovered that it actually boils down to the relationship between employee and supervisor. Questions were answered through the Gallup-Healthways Daily Poll that helped determine general life satisfaction amongst work satisfaction.


Majority of those that reported great life satisfaction shared a common thing – they considered their supervisor a partner rather than a traditional boss hence making this relationship more of a team, a partnership. Researchers found this was generally the case with those in their 40’s and early 50’s concluding that those middle age workers benefit most from having the ‘partner boss’ as it comes as the right time – when family life quiets down and they have more to offer in the workplace.


Two thirds of workers reported that they had a good situation, which can mean that employees are staying in these positive positions with their ‘partners’ rather than struggling in negative environments. The partner relationship leads to more loyal employees – there’s no reason to leave with all the more desire to stay.


How to be a Partner Boss


It’s definitely not easy – being both a boss and acting as an employee’s partner. There are more goals within an organisation than just employee satisfaction. The key is to be authentic to show appreciation for employees’ contributions, while communicating their satisfaction is at least one thing that bosses are aiming for. Below are key areas where leaders can demonstrate this with their employees.


  1. Share their vision and make sure employees know how their work benefits both the plan and organisation. Every role is just as important as the other.
  2. Respect other people’s time – arrange productive meetings with agendas.
  3. Set priorities and make decisions. Show confidence and be someone that they can look up to.
  4. Share information with the team if and when possible. Everyone is important and should know what is going on within the company unless of course it is confidential.
  5. Show empathy by caring for your employees and giving appreciation.
  6. Accept blame and sharing credit. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. And as mentioned, everyone is equally important!
  7. Celebrate success together. Everyone is responsible for leading the company’s success so make sure to include them in the celebrations. This alone brings people together & creates the culture your team needs.