Push Your Ego Aside to Manage Better and Improve Staff Performance

Push Your Ego Aside to Manage Better and Lower Staff Turnover

So you’re the boss, everyone should just do what you say right?!

‘It’s a matter of respect’ is the classic line heard several times from not-so-effective business managers. Two recent cases come to mind:

  1. A successful automotive repairer and tyre shop owner with multiples stores – He’s been in business for over 10 years but keeps banging his head against the wall with staff performance and staff turnover problems.
  2. The General Manager of a decades-old manufacturing business who’s been in the business since he left school – He’s frustrated because staff don’t seem to care about the quality of their work, customer complaints are covered up to protect co-workers from consequences, and the office staff constantly gossip and bicker.

Although their businesses are quite different, some of the core problems these two individuals are experiencing are a result of an ‘entitlement mindset’ and letting ego drive decision making. While a manager technically has authority and higher status, trying to leverage from this position only creates resentment and begrudging compliance. When employees are managed by status, they usually build resentment, loose engagement, commitment, and even confidence.

Here are some suggestions for a more effective approach …

  1. Service Mentality – Your team is one of the greatest leverage points you have in your business, so managers should focus more on encouraging their teams contributions and showing appreciation. The mindset of the most effective leaders is that ‘the higher my position, the greater my obligation to serve and empower the people I manage.’
  2. Example – Managers should be willing to occasionally ‘get their hands dirty’ with their staff. Even though they don’t have to do something, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. A great leader will find occasions to work alongside their team – there’s something to be said for ‘leading by example’.
  3. Approach-ability – Managers should always be available, and not just physically but taking the time to actually listen and connect with team members at a human level. Good leaders don’t hide behind closed doors, they maintain consistent communication with their team to give support, empower, and inspire them. Even smarter leaders systemise this behavior into their business operations and achieve huge leverage from this one strategy. Reach out to us at The3rdgear to find out how we make this happen.
  4. Humility – Some managers have problems keeping their egos in check, but several studies have found that many of the most effective business leaders are also the most humble. When we focus on the needs of others (our team) in the right way, we find our own needs are met by default.

If you’re a manager and this sounds familiar to you, try focusing on these four steps – it will gain you more respect and get better results from your team. Give your ego a little nudge to  the side and you’ll see the benefits!