T3G™ Quality & Performance Accreditation System

A Business Management System that Drives Profitability & Performance, with the bonus of Quality Accreditation

The strength and structure of the The3rdgears consulting system has allowed us to deliver something no other small business consulting offer can. The Quality & Performance Accreditation System (Q-PAS).

Because of the unique way The3rdgears consulting and management solutions are structured it’s a natural outcome for businesses who complete one of our business improvement projects to have developed their own integrated business management systems.

In simple terms this means that, as a bi-product of a successful project with The3rdgear, our clients automatically qualify for Q-PAS Accreditation.

The3rdgears Q-PAS system is another unique system developed by The3rdgear to meet the real world needs of small business managers. It was driven by client demand to meet the real-world challenges of business operation. It’s been deliberately constructed to be easy to manage, and provide bottom line benefits, while still being a true quality management platform.

We’ve reverse-engineered Quality Assurance thinking by working from business needs first. The result is a system that makes your business so much easier to manage, and hones in on Profitability & Business Performance, while still driving Quality Outcomes for your business and your customers.

As a client of The3rdgear who’s successfully completed one of our business improvement projects you’ll have achieved some great outcomes, things like:


Improved Profitability

Improved Team Morale

Improved Staff Performance

Streamlined Operations

Easy to manage Internal Training Systems

Decreased Operational dependency

Q-PAS is your key to ensuring these positive outcomes stay locked into your business for the long term. This is because Q-PAS is more than just a management system. It’s a comprehensive support system.

Q-PAS provides you with an ongoing management structure for every key element of your business:

A software based Management Dashboard to review, track, measure and proactively manage your business KPI’s

External guidance and accountability through Monthly Business Reviews, chaired by your The3rdgear consultant

Ongoing access to The3rdgears WOM software system to manage staff performance, training, business processes, business management and communication processes

Q-PAS allows you to maximise all the benefits from your project with The3rdgear and ensure your business continues to operate at its maximum potential, for the long-term…

After years of research, development and testing The3rdgear now delivers a practical and easy Quality Management System that also drives the key elements of strong business performance. The3rdears Q-PAS system allows small business managers to operate at high levels of quality with a system that actually enhances, rather than hinders, daily business operations, while delivering high performance outcomes focused on revenue generation and bottom line efficiencies. Through decades of business improvement projects we’ve discovered that the best quality businesses are also actually the most profitable, well-run, high potential businesses. They achieve this by successfully systemising their operations and integrating simple performance management, control, and reporting processes that encourage team engagement and simplify management, freeing business managers to focus on their higher priority activities. The3rdgears’ Q-PAS system focuses on the fundamental drivers of business performance, allowing you to easily streamline and integrate these areas of your business, and combine them into a simple easy-to-use Quality Management Platform.

It’s no coincidence that the key drivers of business success are also the key elements of producing quality outcomes for your customers. These key drivers include:

While it’s broadly acknowledged these systems are fundamental to quality management in business, it’s also well known that managing them can be cumbersome and time consuming… until now. It’s the unique way The3rdgear has designed the Q-PAS system that now allows business managers to easily create and manage their quality systems.

More importantly, through the structure of The3rdgdears unique software application the Q-PAS system provides business managers with a powerful, easy to use, and easy to maintain business performance management system that ties all key quality and performance outcomes into one centralised management system.

All businesses who operate the Q-PAS system are provided with a user friendly, automated, online management platform. This system integrates your quality control and monitoring systems to simplify the tasks of monitoring and managing quality compliance. For performance focused managers this system also provides you with a business performance dashboard to maintain focus on achievement of the business’s high level Key Performance Indicators, such as revenue and profitability.

The platform ties together the previously complicated processes of business planning, operational improvement, core process management, individual performance, individual training, internal communication and high level business reporting, and blends them together and simplifies them into an all-in-one system that makes quality assurance and business performance easy to manage.

In maintaining their Q-PAS Accreditation, Clients are easily able to adhere to and demonstrate the following outcomes, leading to high level performance :

Client Benefits:

Maximise ongoing value of your initial investment in The3rdgear system

Ongoing access to objective business expertise

External accountability to ensure focus is maintained

Assurance of quality outcomes for your customers

Strong point of difference for your business against its competitors

Gives your business excellent marketing credibility with existing and potential customers

Continuous optimisation of opportunities for revenue growth, profitability and efficiencies in your business