Sunday Routine: How to Set Yourself up for Success the Week Before

Sunday Routine: How to Set Yourself up for Success the Week Before

A Sunday routine is crucial for a productive workweek ahead. Too often we don’t take the time for ourselves, one week simply merges into the next and we’re soon left wondering where all our time went.

However, an effective Sunday routine will allow you to get out of the trees and see the forest of your life.

To be clear, if you truly apply this Sunday routine to your life, then you’’ll be fine for the rest of the week.

You’ll have both direction and clarity to your life.

Rather than be scattered and directionless on a Monday, you’ll know what you need to do and just get to it.

So, what does this Sunday routine look like?

Lets see:

Get Out of Your Routine Environment

First things first, novelty and newness are two things that your brain needs to thrive. A life stuck in routine does not create a healthy brain, but rather, a dull and inspired brain.

According Dr. Benjamin P. Hardy, only 16% of your creative ideas will come you to while at work.

Instead, most ideas will occur while you’re relaxing, walking, spending time with loved ones, or doing something else that’s away from work.

Thus, you want to optimism your Sunday routine to make creative ideas happen.

Specifically, you want to start by getting outside of your house and going somewhere in nature. For example, a park, a trail or a lake, etc.

While there, your mind will be able to detach from work and freely wander.

Review and Design

Next, while walking or sitting in nature, you may want start thinking about the past week and express some gratitude for all the wonderful things happening in your life.

Equally, you may want to begin setting your intentions for the next week. For example:

  • What are your top 3 priorities for the week?
  • What absolutely needs to be done?
  • How could you make the next week better than the last?

Of course, all of this could be done either in your head or in your journal. However, writing it on paper will make it feel more real and keep you more accountable.

Completely Detach From Food, Screens, and Work

Indeed, this day is very much a sabbath day. Not necessarily in any sort of Christ or holy way, but instead, that it’s completely devoted to rest and recover.

Rather than simply letting your day take on any shape or form and being distracted by your screens or work, you’re completely focused on the few things and people that truly matter in your life.