The Fundamentals of Leadership

Regardless of industry, experience, and role, after our 20+ years of field study at The3rdgear we determined that the best leaders all follow similar fundamental practices of leadership. We’ve learned that it takes more than being highly skilled in your field – it takes empathy, creativity, communication, and passion. Being a good leader is actually a lot simpler than it’s made out to be.

If you want the best from your staff and for your business, you should follow these five fundamentals of leadership.

  1. Build excitement around your vision. This is where your passion should kick in. Your team looks up to you so spread the positivity and passion to get everyone on board with your vision.
  2. Strategise and be decisive. Your path to reach your future goals should be clearly set out and your decisions should be concrete. This will prevent confusion and doubt from your team. Being decisive and prepared shows your confidence, which you will need from your team as well.
  3. Empower. By empowering your staff to be the best they can be, you will develop their talent and strengths. Allow them to grow!
  4. Innovate. This is where that creativity needs to kick in. Steve Jobs once said, “innovation separates leaders from followers.” Stand out from the crowd, come up with new ideas, and inspire your team to do the same.
  5. Be self-aware. We all can grow and improve so don’t forget that. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses – you can lead yourself to be an even greater leader.

We believe that with the right systems in place, you can keep your staff motivated and effective. The3rdgear system consistently delivers proven gains in staff performance and productivity of 10-50%. We offer a staff management system that not only includes team psychology, it also simplifies the key aspects of staff training, management, planning, communication, feedback, and goal setting with full management visibility. We’ll even pull these leadership skills out of your Managers and yourself!