The Most Hated Corporate Buzzwords According to Employees

Aren’t there just some words that you wish you never had to hear in the office again? 

We’ve all come across at least one person who sounds like they’re straight from a corporate sitcom. With words like ‘unpack’ and ‘please advise’ constantly being thrown around, it can be enough to make you want to repeatedly bang your head against a table. 

The Atlantic recently asked its readers to vote on the most hated corporate buzzwords according to employees. The results stirred a mix of responses: 

“What else are people supposed to say? ‘Let me dial your phone number so we can converse about a relevant work-related topic’?” one reader replied.

Another, however, wasn’t so concerned about a words ease of use, but rather, their sleep. As they responded, “I have nightmares because of ‘low-hanging fruit.” 

Which side do you fall on? Are corporate buzzwords an easy way to communicate a meaning quickly and smoothly. Or, are they simply an unnecessary evil that evokes more stress and headaches than they’re worth?

Gretchen McCulloch, the author of Because Internet argued, “If you find corporate buzzwords annoying, it’s probably because you find work annoying.”

Although without any further ado, here are the most hated corporate buzzwords according to employees:

  1. Holistic approach 
  2. Pivot 
  3. Unpack 
  4. Circle back 
  5. Buy in 
  6. Change agent 
  7. Lean in 
  8. Bandwidth 
  9. Think outside the box 
  10. Align 
  11. Ping 
  12. Double click 
  13. Deep Dive 
  14. Close the loop 
  15. Touch base 
  16. Liaise 
  17. Value proposition 
  18. Hop on a call 
  19. Loop in 
  20. Debrief 
  21. Pain points 
  22. Win-win
  23. Silo 
  24. Disruption 
  25. Optics 
  26. Huddle 
  27. Robust 
  28. At capacity 
  29. Pushback 
  30. Move the needle 
  31. Stakeholder 
  32. Value added