Three Tips to Working When You’re Not in the Mood

Let’s face it, finding motivation can be tough. Sometimes we have no desire or drive to work through our task or project so we distract ourselves or simply walk away. The more you push away, the harder it is to achieve your goal so the best thing to do is to push on working even when you’re just not feeling it. But how is it possible? These simple tips should help you when times are tough…

Focus on the enjoying elements

It’s rare to love every single element of your job so the key is to focus on the tasks you actually enjoy doing when you aren’t in the mood to do anything. But if you do have to get those boring tedious done, do it with enjoyment by playing your favourite tunes or while chatting with a friend – it makes it so much easier!

Reward yourself

You can motivate yourself by treating yourself to a reward at the end of the work day, week, or month. For example, going on holiday or buying yourself a gift upon completing project. But make sure you are rewarding yourself for the right reasons – for the quality of your work, not for completing it because then you may end up rushing for that reward that you jeopardise the quality of your work.

Be influenced

We might sometimes envy our highly productive colleagues, but rather than envy we can learn from them. Don’t get caught up in negative emotions and simply be curious – ask your colleagues for advice or just watch how they operate to gain some influence and inspiration. This may even result in your relationship blossoming.

Self-motivation isn’t easy, but should be practiced because it is vital for success. All successful people will say their success was and still is a challenge, but one thing they never did was give up.