Tips to Create a Satisfying Work-Life Balance

Being in such a digital world today, many people find it hard to switch off outside of work seeing it’s so easy to check emails. We’re ‘always on’ thanks to technology and it is harmful to our health and happiness. A 2016 study on workplace stressors and health in the U.S. determined that 120,000 deaths per year and 5%-8% of annual healthcare costs were attributable to workplace stressors ranging from long hours to high demands. Yes, workplace stress can kill you…if you allow it.

In order to maintain a good work life balance, you first need to determine what brings you joy and how satisfied you are with these things at the moment. Take out a notebook and simply jot down how important each hobby or interest is for you and how satisfied you are with it. For example, see below:

Interest: Spending time with family

Importance: Extremely important

Satisfaction: 45%

Doing this will help you determine what you need to focus on, and in the order to tackle them. The key to giving yourself more time for your interests is to work smarter and more efficient. The following steps will help you get your work done.


Quit multitasking

If you add up all the time bouncing between projects, you’ll be surprised to see how much time was actually wasted. Focus on one project at a time and do not move on to the next until it is complete.


Organise your tasks

Not all of us our planners, but it helps a great deal to have your monthly workload broken down into weekly or daily goals. Break down the tasks so they are achievable in order of priority.


Review your schedule

Think about what you spend the most time on per day, including transportation, and try to find a way to minimise that time. If it is a task, you may be able to delegate it to another team member. If it is a long commute, you may request to work remotely here and there. There is a always a solution and time is precious.


Focus on what is important

Avoid doing things that don’t bring you joy and that don’t provide value to your values. Remember, you can’t do it all so whether it be a hobby or a task, find a way to push it aside until you can take it on again.



Caring for yourself and your health is vital to maintaining energy and productivity levels. Exercise, sleep, and nutrients all contribute to a healthier you. There should be no excuse worth sacrificing your own health over.