Top 3 Work Perks in Demand

With the boosted awareness of mental health and well-being, employees’ demands have been shifting over the past few years. A high salary is not the only attraction to a job or career path and employers should be aware of what employees are demanding to keep staff happy and motivated.

From America to Australia, many organisations worldwide are shifting to adapt to the ‘millennial’ trends. Millennials, those who were born between 1996 and 1981, play a huge role in this shift along with technology and accessibility. The new culture is to enjoy life more by reducing stress, maintaining happiness, and…working less. But we all know, we need to work to make a living so here are the top work perks that employees are not just demanding, they are also expecting.


Flexi Time

Employees now want to be able to work on their time. As long as they get the job done, this shouldn’t be an issue. We all have families and personal commitments that come before work.

Remote Work

Thanks to technology, most jobs can be done anywhere from your living room to a tropical island in the Pacific. Most employees no longer feel comfortable being chained to a desk, the same desk for 5 days a week. Remote work is trending with over 20,000 co-working offices world-wide for office nomads and growing at an all time high.


Nowadays people can change careers and advance in their career much easier. With so many available courses online, a new skill or trade can be picked up in no time so it makes sense why employees want to up-skill and grow personally – they need to keep up!


By offering these benefits, you will surely stand out in your industry and attract the best talent. It might be tough if you have grown up in another era, but rest-assured, these perks will boost your business by keeping employees happy & productive.