Top Signs an Employee is Close to Resigning

Staff retention should never be overlooked. Unhappy employees can be damaging for a business. When a good employee quits, it may take awhile for things to pick back up again and it sure can make things both difficult and frustrating.

A survey conducted by PureProfile in June 2018, found that 2 out of 3 Australians value happiness over money – this tells us that showing appreciation, providing growth opportunities, and creating a culture all outweigh pay rises. Managers should always pay attention to the behaviour of their employees to fix any negativity before it escalates and ends in a resignation.

Here are the most common signs that an employee is on the verge of quitting.

Annual/Sick Leave – An employee that starts taking days off more than usual might be on their way out. They may need more time off for interviews, or they may feel too depressed to make it in some days.

Attitude Change – In any situation or relationship, if an person’s attitude shifts toward anger, aggression, or apathy they are clearly unhappy about something. They may start causing friction amongst colleagues or seem uninterested to work hard or to please their boss.

Productivity Drop – Once an employee has made the decision in their mind that they are ready to resign, they tend to slack off and you’ll be able to notice a drop in their productivity from being quiet in meetings to slow and poor results.

Fear of Commitment – If an employee is seeing their future elsewhere, they will most likely shy away from long term projects or commitments.

If you notice any of the above signs or just simply feel it in your gut, make sure to arrange a meeting with that staff member before things get worse. If they decide to quit during that meeting, express empathy and understanding so their remaining time in the organisation is positive and beneficial to both parties.