Try These 3 Unconventional Interview Questions to Learn More About Candidates

At this point, many interviewees are familiar with the common questions that can come up during an interview. Between LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other resources, it has become very easy for candidates to learn potential questions and then pre-plan their answers ahead of time.

However, the problem for recruiters is that they will not give you any real insight about who a candidate is at their core. 

Thus, to get people to really open up, interviewers must be willing to ask unconventional interview questions to throw candidates off and have them speaking from their heart rather than their head. Try these: 

1. If I gave you 100 million dollars right now, would you still be in this seat?

Here’s a question that if people are being honest they’ll more than likely say “no.” However, it then gives them the space to open up about the things that they are truly passionate about and what really matters to them in their personal lives.  

The responses you get from this question can provide great insight into someone’s true authenticity and motives in life. 

2. What is one fundamental truth you believe in that the majority of the world disagrees with?

This is a famous interview question that billionaire and entrepreneur Peter Thiel has been known to ask all his candidates. It’s a question that reveals free thinkers and people who are confident enough to stand alone in their beliefs.

Asking this question is a great strategy for finding new hires who are quick thinking, adaptable and often irreplaceable.

3. Why would we not hire you for this role?

Here’s a simple variation of the common question: “What is your biggest weakness?” It encourages people to be honest about their weaknesses and be vulnerable with you. 

It’s a great opportunity to have candidates think introspectively and provides you a chance to discuss with them what they and the company can do to turn their weaknesses into a strength.