Your Leadership Sets the Standards—Whether You Know It Or Not

Changes in an organization’s standards don’t happen overnight. While you may look around one day and realize that things that were once unacceptable are now commonplace; like gossiping, dishonesty or a relaxed attitude towards deadlines, we can tell you that these behaviors didn’t just randomly appear. Instead, they were bred from the top.

Every time without fail, if a leader’s standards slip, then the standards of the organization will follow too. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain positive leadership standards, as others are certain to follow your lead. 

Here are some ways leaders can ensure their standards are contagious at only spreading good qualities:

Be consistent and dependable. 

If you want to be trusted and respected as a leader, people need to know they can count on your conduct to be consistent and fair everyday. Show up and keep the same standards day after day.

Be clear of your values. 

It’s important to show others who you are and what you stand for. Let your leadership be an example of living out your values everyday. Give people a reason to feel good about being under your watch and make them want to embody your standards. 

Embody positivity. 

A positive leader builds a positive team and positive organization. Whereas, a negative leader cultivates sourness, anger and disgruntlement within an organization. Try to see the glass half full in everything and build people up rather than putting them down.

Be in command of your emotions. 

The way you control your emotions sets an example for how others are expected to behave too. If you’re quick to lose your temper or yell when things go wrong, then you’re sending a message that it’s ok for others to do so too. Don’t let your own behavior validate screaming, anger or abuse.

Evaluate your communication.

Leaders must be aware of what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. Ensure you’re clear, transparent and reasonable in your dialogue.