You’re Not Ineffective; You’re Mentally Exhausted. These Habits Can Help

Expecting yourself to perform at the same levels you were prior to covid-19 isn’t necessarily a reasonable goal.

Of course, with so many uncertainties and challenges this year, it may feel like you’ve dropped the ball or not performed to the levels you know you should and could. However, chances are, you’re just mentally exhausted like most of us are.

If you’re feeling this way, here are a few possible signs and solutions that can help. 


You’re Productivity has Dropped

We all have days where our productivity’s a bit off. However, if spending two hours on something that usually takes one hour has become your norm, then you could be mentally overtaxed.

You’re Less Tolerant of Others 

You used to be more compassionate towards that person who always arrives late to meetings because of child responsibilities. Or, you used to not mind repeating yourself more than once for the new hire that always asks.

However, now your patience is wearing thin, and even little things are getting on your nerves. 

A situation like this would be a sign that you’re mentally exhausted as focusing on your own responsibilities has become hard enough, and therefore, giving extra to those around you has become all that be more difficult.  

You’re Sleep and Appetite has Changed 

In addition to caring less for others, we may also begin to care less for ourselves if we’re mentally fatigued. For example, this may show itself by an extreme change in our eating or sleeping habits. 

You may have no appetite at all, or you may be battling with excessive overeating. You may just want to stay in bed all day, or you may be having trouble sleeping because you’re thinking too much. 


Focus on Completing Tasks 

Confidence comes from finishing what you’ve started. Also, having less on your plate will allow you to think clearer and feel less stressed. 

So, make it a practice to write down what needs to be done and focus on ticking off each individual deadline.

Exercise at Least 30 Minutes a Day

The happy endorphins that are released from physical activity can’t be beaten. It may be difficult to start. However, once you get going, you’ll feel reinvigorated in your mind and body, as the stress and upsetting emotions fade away. 

Engage With Nature and Your Senses

The big problem is that with how long these uncertainties have continued for, it’s allowed the worrying and fretting in minds to just continually build and build. 

As such, you need to get out of your mind and reconnect with nature and your senses in order to get back to a level head.