What We Do

Strategic & Business Planning

We work with you to develop your ideal personal and strategic vision and create a detailed plan so we can work together to make it happen. The3rdgear has helped hundreds of business owners develop Long and short-term strategic and business plans, creating dozens of market leaders.

KPI Setting & Benchmarking

We work with you to define your business’s Key Business Performance Indicators. Together we’ll identify the key drivers of profit, efficiency, quality and growth within your business. From there we’ll create a Management Dashboard that will give you full control over each key aspect of your business.

Marketing Services

There’s huge benefit to combining your business’s marketing with your business management systems. By working with The3rdgear you ensure every key aspect of your business operations from strategy,marketing and sales, through to operations and performance management are seamlessly integrated.

Family Business Coaching

We’ve worked with a lot of family businesses over the years and achieved some great outcomes. We know the benefits and the pit-falls of working with family and we know how to get everyone working together. We’ll share some of our most valuable secrets to help you get your family business working at its best.

Sales Systems

We’ll work with you to develop highly effective strategies and tools to convert your marketing opportunities into sales. We can also coach and train you and your team to improve their sales skills with our down-to-earth relationship focused sales training. The game of sales has changed. It’s not about ‘tricky’ techniques and manipulative strategies.

Human Resources

We can get your staff performing fast! The3rdgear has developed an incredibly powerful and popular staff management system that your team will actually want to work with. We can work together to make sure your business has the right staff structure and create staff management systems that get your team focused and motivated.

Business Process Improvement

Our powerful operational planning system consistently delivers big improvements to your day to day operations. Working together we can dramatically increase your business’s efficiency, reduce overheads, improve quality and service and reduce double handling to transform your business into a finely tuned revenue generating machine.

Business Management Software

We can work with you to implement our cloud-based small business management software system. It’s a unique management system designed specifically for small business owners to give them full control over their staff, and their business performance.

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