Our Unique Model

The3rdgear Difference

The3rdgear was founded with a very basic intention… to deliver to our clients the simplest, most effective customised business management solutions available.

Our business engineering model has been developed over more than a decade, with scientific management data and principles adapted from Asia/Pacific’s leading business management school and further cultivated by the advice of Australia’s top industry professionals in Management Consulting, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Strategic Planning.

The3rdgear’s scientifically developed business engineering solutions are:

  • Holistic: incorporating all areas of the business
  • Measurable: for monitored and measured results
  • Duplicable: time and time again, in all business scenarios for predictable outcomes
  • Custom Designed and Integrated solutions that create permanent improvements


We know what it’s like to run your own business, so we set out purposefully to design a system that works for private enterprise. A system that would really fix the problems that small and medium enterprise owners face.

It took a lot of hard work, but now more than a decade later, we have a list of satisfied customers who’ve benefited from what they know to be the most effective management solutions available for private enterprise.