Managing People

Empower your people and strengthen your team

Our system consistently delivers proven gains in staff performance and productivity of 10-50%

It’s hard to grow a successful business without the right people on your team. Then you need to find a way of managing people properly, and to do that well there’s a lot involved – unless you have a great system.

For most small business owners managing people can be overwheling. Your staff needs key performance targets, job descriptions, training, supervision and feedback. On top of all that you want them to be motivated and effective, and then there’s the administration of rules & procedures and so on and so on.

“My business’ turnover has quadrupled in only 18 months. I have more staff than now than I’ve ever had, but everything is running much better than it did back then. The3rdgears system is amazing, it’s completely freed me and my business to grow; and we’re still expanding because I have the confidence and the system to do it with”

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Now there’s a simple solution to managing people!

The3rdgears unique staff management system simplifies and automates these key processes, freeing you and your staff to focus on what matters. We simplify the key aspects of staff training, management, planning, communication, feedback, and goal setting with full management visibility.

Todays business environment is becoming more and more complicated. As an employer you’ve probably found there are more and more compliance responsibilities on your shoulders along with the increasing pace of just ‘doing business’. Don’t let the complexity of running your business get on top of you. Instead why not find out more about The3rdGears unique business management systems ans software. By doing so you’ll get more value out of your business from increased efficiency to easier compliance management, while you create a more empowering business culture, attract the right people and develop a system for managing people that supports your business direction.

Your  people are the wheels of your business. They’re the ones dealing with customers, administration, production and service delivery all day. They’re the ones making the difference to the business’ bottom line. With the right systems in place you can keep them motivated, effective and continuously aware of your business’ key operational objectives. To get the best from your people you need to take advantage of The3rdgears patented, ground-breaking systems to help empower your employees to achieve key business objectives, improve performance and improve your business’ bottom line.