Why Us?

We turn Strategy into Reality

The3rdgear system was created out of frustration with the typical approaches to small business coaching and consulting. We’ve created a genuinely unique, and very effective system for permanently improving the performance of small businesses.
  • We’re affordable with tailored consulting solutions available for any sized business from start-up to corporate
  • Patented software that systemises and automates the management of your business, and gives you control and freedom
  • Great Return On Investment – Over 90% of our projects deliver multiple times the amount our clients invest in them within 12 months. If you can spend $1 and make $2,3,4 or more back, that’s just good basic business sense.
  • The Most Diverse and Comprehensive Management System available – currently there is no other offer available to small business owners that can enhance so many aspects of your business in such a complete, effective and integrated way. We literally transform every aspect of your business and embed your new improved systems into your daily operations to proivde permanent, long term improvements to your business.
  • An Outsider’s Perspective Diagnosing and fixing businesses is what we do at The3rdgear. Sometimes it is difficult to see the areas that can be fine tuned or improved in your business when you’re in your business. Problems can exist without you knowing. The3rdgears’ consultants / coaches have vast industry exposure and fast analysis and fix-it solutions so your efficiencies and productivity reach optimum level.
  • Fresh Motivation and Passion We all know how consistently coming up with fresh inspiration and a general lack of accountability are two major challenges business owners face. The3rdgears’ business consultants / coaches are qualified professionals and have multi-faceted experience and skills. Most importantly, they are passionate and will re-inspire you as a leader to reach new levels.
  • Increased Profits (and quickly!) Having a highly profitable business is the dream of the majority of business owners. We have a proven track record of growing the profitability of our clients’ businesses and within record time! Plain and simple.
  • Reignite Your Team Passionate people produce results! The3rdgear produce passionate people, i.e. your team! A major part of our consulting / coaching includes team psychology and performance and we reckon we’re the experts at it, judging by some of the positive outcomes we’ve had with our clients’ teams.
  • Maximum Overall Business Performance Achieving optimum performance in each facet of your business is challenging. After all, you as the entrepreneur may have certain strengths and rely upon managers to oversee the other areas of your business. Either way, consultants / coaches direct you and/or the managers, and as a third party, to achieving optimum performance. Sometimes it’s just easier to get a qualified and trusted third-party to drive your business!
  • Optimum Sales Force Sales, sales, sales! What would we do without them? Your sales force should be constantly inspired and learning improved techniques to stay fresh and focused. Then watch for the results!
  • Growth Through Marketing All great brands are built through clever marketing. A well-planned, creative and robust marketing strategy will drive your business and brand forward, far more so than ad-hoc efforts, and the main key to success lies in the implementation. The3rdgear has qualified brand managers to make this move with you.
  • New Market Opportunity Have you thought about new ways of making money through your business? The consultants / coaches at The3rdgear can guide you along the road to new domestic or export markets, product categories or extensions and diversification. There’s a whole world out there waiting for your business and expertise!

“As a not-for-profit with a very specialised service, I was very impressed when The3rdGear took the time and effort to really understand what we do. With their guidance, we were able to identify potential business opportunities and find solutions to current challenges. The3rdGear showed us ways we could expand our current service to ensure the organisation’s longevity.”