Values and Culture

What We Believe

Always be Down-to-Earth

We’re smart, and we know a lot about business, but that doesn’t mean we need to use jargon and big words to sound important. We are down-to-earth everyday people who let their results speak for themselves.

Deliver What You Promise

If you say you’re going to do it, make sure you do it – simple as that.

Keep it Simple

We don’t over complicate what we do to make ourselves look smarter.

We love the Post-it. You know, it’s just a sticky piece of paper, but what a great invention!

We constantly work on our systems and the way we operate to make them simpler and more effective for our clients and to provide us with leverage to do more with less.

Systemise Everything

Systems are the key to success in business. Work out the best way to do it, then systemise it.


We are genuine industry leaders, we do not follow the crowd. We believe the commonly accepted methods of business coaching and consulting for small business are inadequate. We use innovative consulting processes and technology to deliver value. We are constantly developing new ways to increase value, leverage our time and knowledge, and create smart, simple, management systems for our clients.

Be Healthy and Balanced

A healthy business creates a happy business, and a happy business makes for a happy business owner. Personal health and happiness create success in all areas of life.

Eat right, exercise, work well, have fun, do good, learn, experience, grow and share.

Create Legendary Successes

We become more successful when we create amazing business results, every project matters.